kyoomba-we-need-you We Need Your Help.

Do you have any information, stories, memorabilia or photographs about the Kyoomba Military Hospital, its patients and its staff? Are you thinking about contributing or loaning these items to aid in our research?

Before you send us anything please contact us either by letter, by email or by completing the web form below. Please do not send any unsolicited material to us.

If you prefer you can also choose to download and print the contributions form here. The Kyoomba RSL Project Contribution Form.

Things the Research Project does:

  • We will be looking to collect material from around the world to facilitate our research into the RSL Kyoomba Project.
  • Any items that are only on loan for the duration of the research project will be returned to the donor. Please supply detailed contact details to facilitate the return of said items.
  • If any items are covered by copyright, then the donor should consider organising a transfer of copyright as part of the contribution process and this will need to accompany any such items. For details regarding transfer of copyright please contact
  • Where possible we would wish to examine the item or items before making a final decision.

Once approved we can organise a time for you to deposit the collection in person or make other arrangements to secure the item/s.

We will advise you of the item’s safe arrival, and will send you an Interim receipt, listing the material you have donated to the Stanthorpe RSL Sub Branch museum.

Things to consider before offering to make a contribution:

If there are other family members whose wishes should be considered before proceeding with a contribution, we strongly suggest you discuss the matter with them before offering material to the research project.

A contribution is finalised by the donor signing a Transfer of ownership agreement. This is a legal document, and once a contribution is finalised, no item can be returned.

For more information please contact – Kyoomba Research Project Officer –

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